Re-Root Massage is based in Burscough, West Lancashire and offers a form of deep-tissue massage, called Raynor Massage. Re-Root’s approach to your health and wellbeing is holistic and sessions will be tailored to suit your particular needs at the time.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or have particular aches and pain or even a long term health condition, Raynor massage can help to alleviate symptoms. It is unlike any other massage and its main purpose is to find and release tension usually from places you never knew were tense.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a type of massage that hits all the right spots. Raynor massage works on very specific bands of tension by locating the root and alleviating it.

Raynor massage is particularly good for relieving stress and depression, by releasing toxins in the body and any stored negative emotional energy, helping you to feel more energised and light. It is also a beneficial alternative to conventional sports massage.

Whatever the reason for visiting Re-Root Massage, if you have any questions or would like some peace of mind, please do get in touch.